“Most striking is Guanqun Yu as Leonora, the love interest of both Manrico, the troubadour (Azucena’s “son”), and the Count (Manrico’s enemy and, we ultimately learn, his brother). Verdi made her a fiery heroine. Yu, on the other hand, is eloquent and understated and the most believable figure onstage. Her true, pure high notes become all the more meaningful for their lack of showiness. The sense of resolve and purpose she gives Leonora in sacrificing her life for love is inner strength rather than outer over-the-topness.”

Los Angeles Times

“Ms. Yu has a voice exquisite both in its quality and evenness of scale… Her passagework was fleet and the high filigree work culminated in a “D’amor sull’ali rosee” that redefined the word “limpid.” The voice is cool no doubt but as the evening progressed she managed some spectacular climaxes. She also moves well onstage and is a compelling actress when called upon.”